Welcome to Gloucester Canoe Club

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We are a family friendly and inclusive local canoe club with a range of ages and Nationalities.  We are very active with trips and activities every weekend.  These include white water paddles, marathon racing, sea paddles, surfing and touring activities throughout the year.

Our clubhouse is part of the new Gloucester Boathouse facilities at Hempsted Meadows.  Together with many local rowing clubs we form a very active water sports community.  We have our own storage area within the complex and access to the canal for those beginning the sport.

New paddlers of all abilities are always welcome.  Whether you are new to the sport or just want to continue your particular paddling interest, do come along and meet us.  We are a friendly, easy going group of people who enjoy paddling and would love everyone to enjoy kayaking and canoeing too.  Use the Contact Form on the right to get in touch with us.  We can then arrange to meet up and get you paddling.

You should also check out our calendar page to see just how active we are.  There are times when we meet elsewhere to take advantage of weather and water conditions.

Paddling in Gloucestershire